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How we came back to the cave age 

No this is not apocalypse/zombie rant. It’s about how language beerier are falling down.

Yes there are so many language in the world

In the old day people went and make a story by painting small pictures on the wall. which was like how to kill a wild animal .Can you decipher this wall message. easy right

And how about this story?

Does it sound familiar ? Yes because its the intro of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Today you can even order a pizza by tweeting ? and your order be place. Its part of Domino’s pizza to combine this easy to use trigger to order what you like. in the Era where time is an asset.

Emoji originated in Japan The word Emoji means “picture letter” in Japanese. The creator of this “language” was Shigetaka Kurita is the designer of the first emoji’s for cellphones. Do you remember “i-mode” the world’s first mobile Internet system. The debut was set for February 1999.

Shigetaka Kurita the creator of Emoji

So why he create this small pixels images. The guys in “i-mode” want that people will text more, with less words. the result above you and it was almost forgotten until 2005 when cellphone start raising again.S

So let me ask you this is ⛄️ snowman got the same meaning across all 6,500 spoken languages in the world, The answer is YES.

This is why I believe that when all the world will be connect to the internet via Facebook or Google projects. Tower of Babel will be finished thousands of years after that project was stop by the creation of languages.

Then we will get peace.

Kobi Yedidovich 

 Founder and creative director of Kumzits Media

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