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From Nada to Prada on TikTok

The curious case of influencer campaign gone wrong.

Like any other tragic story, We got ourself a lovely princesses AKA Charli D’amelio. TikTok biggest star. The face of TikTok, Starlet and lovable teenager, Queen at dancing. Into her garden for dancing for fun. Come a sneaky villain AKA Prada. He mesmerized her by great deal of magic coins and sparkling wool and cutest tiny boxes with strings. She agrees and signed with her blood. In return she need to preform. Four dancing in a row for her adore beloved crowd. And the deed never goes without punish. Nor for her, but for her villain. That he didn’t expect. The yard clown pretend to be the face of this villain without wearing any mask. He didn’t thought it will tangled with villain deed. But the show must go on. And new villain occurred. No face just same name. A new villain became, faceless and poor. Nor sleeve Nor piece of fiber to offer. Naked like a newborn with all that lovely crowd to mock and lough. While the crowd grew bigger and bigger. And all efforts of the villain begging to make the dances to stop. Like magic spell writing with ink blood. She never stop swaying. Never been this villain so alone. He’s gifts became colorless and dull. All that he was needed to avoid this fiasco. Was to show up to this winter ball. And famously he will stay. And keep selling his sparkling wool and cutest tiny boxes with strings.

This is a true story. But the clown is still at large. And every second, Prada go colorless in TikTok and beyond. But the clown become Prada new face. And Prada go to hides her face of shame. Still no comment. How brands burn fast for generation Z and beyond. Prada is Nada. Hopefully Charli is now the hero of our story. No more selling fame for boomers without account on TikTok. No face No deal.


Kobi Yedidovich

If you have any questions please ask me my mail is Kobi@kumzits.co.il

I’m black belt at TikTok mastering. Creative and planner and much more.

The clown become Prada new face.



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